An ATS that’s as smart as you

Make informed hiring decisions with a recruitment software that’s simply intelligent

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Wouldn’t you love an ATS that learns from your hiring decisions, recommends candidates you’ll instantly hire & suggests sources you should target?

Get ready to manage your entire recruitment cycle with a software that comes with a built-in IQ.

Experience Data-driven Hiring

Dynamic Dashboard

User focused dashboards that paint a complete picture of your hiring process in a single snapshot.

Intuitive Validation

Learning algorithms that intuitively identify the most ideal candidate for your organization.

Targeted Sourcing

Network intelligence that automatically identifies the most appropriate sources for your hiring.

Recommendation Engine

On the fly recommendations backed by big data analysis & latest hiring trends.

Professional team, quick on product development and enhancement. Easy to use software.

“We found RecruiterKit quite useful in terms of features that actually address issues faced by recruiters. Setting up the product was easy and they’ve customized the product whenever we raised a requirement. We wish them good luck.”

Being an end-end recruitment tool, RecruiterKit has helped us from the point of “job posting” till the offer stage. The high degree of flexibility and customization has helped us organise our Recruitment process in an effective manner. A highly recommended tool for any Recruitment team.

Code DNA

Intuitive filters that consider candidate resume, empirical data & recruiter decisions to intelligently validate and rank candidates.

An advanced system that uses fuzzy logic to grab the essence of a job, map it to other similar jobs and derive the most suited sources for the job.

Algorithm that tracks and aggregates information to develop a secure, networked & collaborative platform for hiring talent

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